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Mini Cart

Premium – tailored to your needs

Premium quality hygiene essentials, essentially for women as exceptional as you. PINQ offers exclusive assortment of women essentials packed individually in trendy paisley designed pouches and reusable boxes. Offering convenience for Women-on-the-Go with special travel pouches. Choose your feel-good period box!

Thosedays Box

Regular or heavy flow – we’ve got you covered! Curate your trendy re-usable box with premium PINQ sanitary pads for those period days.
Pinq Those Days Box

Everyday Box

Exude confident everyday!

A box of premium PINQ ultra-thin pantyliners to take care of your daily hygiene, guarding against bad odour, wetness and stickiness from vaginal discharge.
Pinq Everyday Box

Bulk Me Box

Stock up on hygiene essentials with PINQ Bulk Box! Customize your box with feel-good sanitary pads or pantyliners in bulk.
Pinq Bulk Me Box

Happy Box

Own your period box for a happy period! Curate your box of happiness with feminine hygiene essentials, pee-on-the-go, and much more. Get ready to be surprised with a gift in every box!
Pinq Happy Box

Special Edition

Feel pampered with PINQ Special Edition Pack – curated with love and a special gift.
Pinq Special Edition