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Versatility – inspired from you

Feel-good experience with premium features in a pocket-friendly product range by POLKA. From sanitary pads and pantyliners for regular flow, heavy or light flow, to breast pads and sweat pads – we’ve got you covered.

Sanitary Pads

Premium ULTRA SLIM Sanitary Pads are perfect for regular flow. Wider Back of the pad gives an extra comfort ALL DAY LONG.
Polka Sanitary Pads

Panty Liners

Say “NO” to dirty and smelly panties!!

Exude freshness all day, every day in ultra-slim pantyliners. POLKA Pantyliners with superior softness and protection, guard intimate area from bad odour, stickiness and wetness from vaginal discharge.
Polka Panty Liners


Cotton Feel, Fresh All Day!!

Nursing mothers can conveniently say goodbye to blotting with super absorbent breast pads; PINQ POLKA premium cotton-feel discreet and disposable breast pads.
Polka Breast Pads


Freshness, All Day Long!!

Disposable stick-on sweat pads to keep sweat stains and bad odour at bay. PINQ POLKA premium cotton-feel disposable underarm sweat pads.
Polka Sweat Pads

Face Masks

Adapt to the new normal with POLKA face masks – a hygiene essential to living worry-free.
Polka Masks