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    20 Premium Soft Cotton Feel Rash Free Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners 8 XXL size (330 mm) pads that fits in perfectly and ideal for heavy flow and during night. 7 XL size (300 mm) pads that fits in perfectly and ideal for regular and heavy flow. 5 Regular…

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    Disposable stick-on cotton-feel underarm sweat pads to keep sweat stains and bad odour on undershirt at bay. One size fits all.

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    Stock up on hygiene essentials with PINQ Bulk Me Box!

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    Curate your box of happiness with feminine hygiene essentials like face mask, travel edition hot water bottle and much more.

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    Specially curated box specially when festivity is around, which comes with multi coloured handmade string lights and your favourite pads and many more goodies to pamper you!!

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  • Polka Sanitary PadsPolka Sanitary Pads

    Premium ultra slim, soft sanitary pads offering rash free and itchiness free experience.

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    3 layer safe-to-wear unisex face masks provide full coverage with its breathable stretchable cotton made to fit all adults.

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