Fashion Tape

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Transparent double-sided clothing tape to hold your clothing securely against your skin or undergarments while ensuring maximum comfort and discreteness. They are great for a quick wardrobe repair or fashion emergencies and clothing adjustments. Ideal for: Wardrobe repair I Securing clothing I Hide bra straps I Secure neckline I Instant Hem fix I Secure off-shoulder blouse I Eliminate blouse gaps Features
  • Transparent double-sided tape
  • Fabric friendly pack of 50 strips
  • Material: Fabric tape
  • Long-lasting sticking capacity
  • Invisible design
How to use
  1. Ensure skin is clean and dry
  2. Cut tape strips and remove the backing paper from both ends
  3. Press transparent tape onto the garment firmly for few seconds while peeling off the backing from the middle line. Done!
Care Instructions:
  • Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged, sunburned skin or open cuts,
  • Avoid use if you have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems
  • Remove immediately if you experience a burning sensation