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  • Never have I been so eagerly waiting for my periods to try out the Pinq Polka pads. The pads are so soft and comfortable with sizes larger than other ones. The individual covers are also big enough to throw away used napkins. Will surely recommend it
    Hemal Samphat
  • I’m going through a tough time in my life right now and on opening the box I was so happy I nearly cried
  • I came to know about this from YouTube video and was so excited to try it myself and by chance women’s day offer was also running that day ; I got a very very good deal . I was so happy to receive my pinq was and also before the date I selected. Packaging was on point and there were so many gifts which pampered me like anything. Also the napkins quality and packing is so good and i really love my idea . Loved every bit of it !!
    Sanju Lohiya
  • I’m loving the product and the packing.. and really happy with the other cool free stuff.. Would be great if you have three different sizes of pad (not counting the liner) just to optimize the environment impact.. !! ️ And hope these are eco friendly as degrades faster.. Great to see this feedback email.. I’ve spent many years in fmcg and feminine hygiene is close to heart..!! Best wishes and looking forward to interact more..!!
    Bhargavi V
  • I’m in shock as to why I did not know about these fabulous pads!! I have been using the XL and XXL pads for my period they are so comfortable and large without any irretation and Hassel of keeping on changing (as I have always suffered when used the regular ones). When I used to use the regular pads I had to keep on changing pads atleast 5-6 a day as I have crazy periods these ones I only had to change 2-3 on my most heavy period I’m super happy about your products thanks.
    Siri Chendana Reddy
  • I will run out of words !! Im speechless!! ThiS was the best gift one girl could have in her life! Very thoughtful of you.. im super duper happy! Thanku so much once again for bringing big smile on my face and changing my thinking towards PERIODS, actually periods are not at all bad now….thanku so much again…n keep it up…!!
    Aishwarya Pandey
  • I must tell you, your sanitary pads are the best till now. What you guarantee about them, thats 100% true. Zero itching, zero rashes, absorbent. Great product.!! And Great service. Now I will buy the pinq box because it is so pretty also, feels great to carry around.
    Kartika Sharma
  • Pinq has made 4 tough days of my every month less discomforting. Your pads are of high quality and I don/t worry about stains anymore. Best part about your product is unlike other pads that are made of too much plastic due to which my sensitive area used to have too much moisture collected during those days now I don’t have those issues. Thank you.
    Kanika Jain
  • So I ordered my those days box as a new year gift and it did not disappoint me at all. It’s box full of goodies which will surely make you feel pampered. Upon using the sanitary pads firstly they ain’t smelly like those gel pads. Second you don’t feel like there is anything between your legs, it’s that thin. Thank you PinQ for understanding us girls.
    Sakshi Singh
  • I love the pads and liners. The pinq box gives me this sense of self love and self care and pampering which makes my periods so much better. They are cottony soft which part I love the most.
    Vidhi Sayani